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Employee's Wellbeing 

If you are noticing low self-esteem and motivational issues, personality clashes and individual mental conditioning at work, you may find the answers by exploring past and present emotions that condition the employee’s current mindset such as childhood experiences or traumatic memories.

Problems with mental wellbeing are one of the major causes of time off work. Depression and anxiety stem from causes both outside and inside work. They affect not only the mental wellbeing of staff but also organisational performance as seen in staff turnover patterns, poor work performance and accidents at work. 

We can assist you planning and raising your occupational health standards and bringing a positive impact on employee's attitudes, safety behaviour, general wellbeing, job satisfaction, motivation, mental health and performance. Contact us for more details.

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Why to use a registered professional?

If you are required to comply with health and safety legislation, you want peace of mind that the person you engage for advice will assist you diligently in achieving compliance. The professional institutions check the skills, knowledge and experience of the health and safety professionals before granting a membership status and require members to follow a Continual Professional Development plan to ensure their knowledge is up to date.