Strategy and Risk Management Consultants​

Principal designer In-house, online or abroad training

In-house, online or abroad

We have international experience and speak your language.


In this session, we provide you with comprehensive principles and guidelines to help you and your organisation with risk analysis and risk assessments. 

In this session, you will learn what your duties are, and what are the duties of the other members of the team. This training favours the management of expectations when attended by the five dutyholders within the project team.

Here you will learn about the legal requirement of mitigating risks “As Low As Reasonably Practicable” and how can you approach your H&S and CDM decisions.

In this session, we work with your HR team on the legal requirements for competence under H&S/CDM, and practical techniques for the HR toolkit.

To satisfy your duties as an employer, you must provide training and updates to your staff. Some companies prefer a weekly toolbox talk to address a range of topics faced at work. We can help you with a set of ten-minutes toolbox talks to assist you with this commitment.

You will learn not only legal requirements but also tips and hints for delivering the role with more efficiency. We will share our experience and examples to improve your learning.

This training is suitable for young or new Directors and senior managers, who want a better understanding of their duties under health and safety legislation.

In this session, we run you through a logical thought process. You will be able to apply this awareness and technique to any project when risk assessing.

This session is specifically for designers based outside Great Britain, who prepare or modify a design to be built in GB. 

Company culture implies the embracement of health and safety at work. We hold a set of one-pager visuals for your teams to focus the conversation before the meetings start.