Right to Work and Anti-Slavery Policy
All employers have a legal obligation to ensure that their employees have the right to work in the United Kingdom. This is controlled by the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006 (“the Act”) and subsequent secondary legislation. It is an offence to employ a person who is not entitled to work in the UK.
To ensure Salubritas Consultants Ltd do not breach immigration legislation, we will check and record certain specified documents belonging to potential and existing employees and suppliers. The required documents are set out in list 1 and list B of the UK Border Agency’s guidance notes. These checks must be made before a person starts working for us and once every twelve months during employment thereafter for those who have only provided List B documents.
Although Salubritas Consultant Ltd falls outside the legal requirements under the Modern Slavery Act 2015, we do adhere to the moral principle and we are committed to the elimination of modern slavery.
We confirm our approach to ensure our business and supply chain are free of any practices of illegal immigration, modern slavery and or human trafficking.
It is our expectation that our employees and our supply chain will respect this commitment and ensure compliance with relevant legislation. We are a business that upholds integrity and transparency in all our business dealings and our modern slavery prevention measures are no exception.
Our direct employment model provides process and procedures to ensure control over the work undertaken and labour conditions under which our workforce operates.
We have robust recruitment practices, including ‘right to work’ checks for all prospective employees and maintain a preferred supplier list of agencies that are sourcing candidates on our behalf. This ensures we maintain an assured overview of those entering our employment and prevents the occurrence of forced or involuntary labour. We do ensure that:
• recruitment practices are fair and equitable, in accordance with the appropriate local employment laws.
• company standards, values, corporate behaviours and policies are being adhered to.
• satisfactory working conditions and related safeguards are in place, including appropriate training.
Any employee who is aware or suspects that this policy has been compromised, is required to report it to the Managing Director. Any employee who withholds information or breaches this policy will face disciplinary action, which could result in dismissal for misconduct or gross misconduct.
It is our expectation that our suppliers will adhere to our commitment to a zero-tolerance approach when it comes to any form of illegal immigration, slavery or human trafficking. Our standard Terms of Business for the appointment of suppliers do mandate compliance with this and all other Salubritas’ policies. We will terminate relationships with suppliers, individuals or business partners working on our behalf if this policy is breached.
Our Managing Director is ultimately responsible for compliance with this policy and for setting objectives. She will execute this Policy through adequate provision of resources and through regular consultation with employees to exchange current, relevant safety information.
Employees and the supply chain working directly or indirectly within Salubritas’ project(s) will work collaboratively to support this Modern Slavery Policy Statement.
This policy will be reviewed annually or more frequently in response to legislative changes and/or other significant triggers. The Policy will be communicated to Salubritas Consultants Ltd’ team members and all organisations working directly for our project(s).
The Managing Director