Design Risk Management

What can we do for you...

Though you remain the dutyholder, you can require our CDM advice and support with:

  • Designers competences pack
  • H&S/CDM training
  • Design risk management reviews
  • Principles of prevention awareness

We can tailor other services to suit the specific requirements of your project. Request our brochure for full list of services.

Do the works require new design or existing-design alterations?

 “Design” includes drawings, design details, specifications and bills of quantities (including specification of articles or substances) relating to a structure, and calculations prepared for the purpose of a design.

 “Designer” means any person who in the course or furtherance of a business prepares or modifies a design; or arranges for, or instructs, any person under their control to do so, relating to a structure, or to a product or mechanical or electrical system intended for a particular structure, and a person is deemed to prepare a design where a design is prepared by a person under their control. A designer has a strong influence during the concept and feasibility stage of a project.

Salubritas makes available to you the services that we can perform on your behalf, so you as Designer ensure focusing on a safer and healthier design and keeping compliant with CDM Regulations. Contact us for a brochure and full services.

Could you be a Principal Designer as well?

We can help you with that too...