Client CDM Manager

What we can do for you...


Though you remain the dutyholder, you can assist you managing your CDM Client duties with: 

  • Client brief
  • Appointment of dutyholders
  • F10 Notification where applicable
  • CDM / H&S inspections and audits

We can tailor other services to suit the specific requirements of your project. Contact us for full services and a brochure.

The CDM Client is anyone for whom a construction project is carried out. The client has a major influence over the way a project is procured and managed. Regardless of the size of the project, the client has contractual control, appoints designers and contractors, and determines the money, time and other resources available.

You could be a domestic client if the works are carried out in connection with your privately-owned home (e.g. refurbishment of a flat you own, and you live in). In this case, do you know what you have to do or not do? This may change after Brexit, but for now, you could be in.

Or maybe you are a commercial client if the works are carried out in connection with a business (e.g. refurbishment of a flat you own but let it for business). You may be an organisation or individual, whether your business operates for profit or not. This includes clients based overseas who commission construction projects in Great Britain. Do you know what to do if there are more than one client?

If you are carrying out construction work on your own commercial premises, you are also the contractor.

If you make certain decisions in relation to design, you could also be the designer.

If you forgot or postponed the legal appointments, you as Client could be deemed the Principal Designer and or Principal Contractor by default.