The Contractor

What we can do for you...

Though you remain the dutyholder, you can require our CDM advice and support with:

  • Support to Contractor role
  • Liaison between Principal Contractor
  • Team comms and cooperation
  • Health and Safety File information

We can tailor other services to suit the specific requirements of your project. Request a brochure for more services!

If it is reasonably foreseeable that ONLY ONE contractor will be working on a project at any time, are you that Contractor?

Whether you are an individual, sole trader, self-employed worker, or business carrying out works then you are a contractor. You may be the only contractor or working under a Principal Contractor coordination.

The Contractor is anyone who directly employs or engages construction workers or manages construction.

The Contractor also includes companies that use their own workforce to do construction work on their own premises. The duties on contractors apply whether the workers under their control are employees, self-employed or agency workers.

Salubritas makes available to you te services that we can perform on your behalf, so you as the only Contractor or a Sub-Contractor ensure carrying out your duties effectively and keeping compliant with CDM Regulations.

Where contractors are involved in designing temporary works, they also have duties as designers.

If you are in a Design and Build commitment, you may want to take a look at our Designer and Principal Designer services too....

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Why to use a registered professional?

If you are required to comply with health and safety legislation, you want peace of mind that the person you engage for advice will assist you diligently in achieving compliance. The professional institutions check the skills, knowledge and experience of the health and safety professionals before granting a membership status and require members to follow a Continual Professional Development plan to ensure their knowledge is up to date.