CDM Process and Assurance




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  • CDM2015 process advice
  • Audits and inspections
  • Process and procedures support

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Why to monitor

The Management Regulations require Employers to monitor that the health and safety arrangements planned are efficiently implemented in the workplace.

The CDM Regulations require the Client, Principal Designer and Principal Contractor to monitor the pre-construction and construction phases to ensure the health and safety arrangements planned are in place and efficiently executed throughout the works. So the Designer and Contractor contribute to this monitoring when going to site.

Monitoring must be carried out to prevent incidents. It must also be carried out post-incident, to verify that the corrective measures and procedures are being applied effectively.

The assessment may be targeted to verify a specific aspect of the business or may involve auditing the full management system. The scope and extent of the assessment will be agreed with you as part of the Service schedule. Would you like to know more? Request our brochure!