We are health and safety consultants specialists in construction and design risk management.

… CDM2015 is the legal framework in the UK for 

Health and Safety Risk Management in 

Design and Construction projects.

Salubritas Consultants Ltd mentors the Designers, Principal Designer and the CDM Client to comply with The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 in the UK.

Since 2015, the roles of Principal Designer and CDM Client are terribly demanding. The PD and the Client are not only responsible for their own. That’s right, PD and Client duties and success are intertwined and highly dependent on how capable architects, engineers and contractors are managing H&S risks within the designs and the works.

Still deciphering the myth and glyph of design safety?

Now, from the foundations of the pyramid up, our advice, training and coaching schemes are tailored to empower designers. We will coach them to follow a thought process when preparing suitable and sufficient Design Risk Assessments. This is a proven method that will enable designers to deliver a healthier and safer design. We have a multilingual team that can coach and train your UK and international staff in person or via Skype.


Going up in the structure and accountability chain, our teams will mentor the Principal Designer to deliver the role efficiently. This include strengthening CDM practices and organisational methods to enable the PD to plan manage and monitor the pre-construction phase and co-ordinate health and safety risks during this period. A robust process is essential.

And for CDM Clients at the top of the responsibility pyramid and decision making, we will develop a strategy to monitor the entire process and comprehend how efficiently the PD and PC, including designers and contractors, are delivering the project in compliance with CDM2015. People wants to do the right thing, don’t they? It is just how to do it.

What questions go through your mind now… Perhaps, you are realising what changes you are prepared to make? The journey to compliance starts with a single step. Contact us now to start yours!!

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