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Because of the current health and safety legislation in Great Britain, it is crucial to have a business strategy, that explores the risks and opportunities associated with your work and with the duties given to you before making decisions.

We are health and safety consultants, specialists in strategy and risk management in design and construction.

Our clients experience continual improvement to ensure protecting lives from design and during construction, resulting in fewer liabilities and increased reputation and profitability.

Why to comply?

The Health and Safety at Work Act and the Management Regulations are complemented with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM2015), which is the legal framework that dictates the duties of those involved with design and construction.

Each dutyholder must ensure compliance. Therefore, having a business strategy addressing those duties at the senior level will ensure that the board of Directors is fully involved with strategic decisions cascaded to staff on the ground.

Our role as consultants mutates from strategists to auditors, assisting the organisation to have a well-rounded view of those decisions, the performance and the amendments required to reach their objectives.

Did you know?

Organisations must take care of their people and those affected by their works.

But the challenge goes beyond legal compliance to the creation of a health and safety culture that promotes self-care, social and business responsibility at the same time of increasing profitability in the current economic climate. Otherwise, why to stay in business?

Since the latest amendment of CDM Regulations in 2015, the roles of Client and the new Principal Designer, and the existing Principal Contractor, Contractor and designer roles require tight-grip management and taking accountabilities.

The project teams must work in sync to the extent that the actions or inactions of the one may significantly impact the other duty-holders.

We can help!

We have extensive experience in working with organisations and people who are prepared to change for the better. 

We will assist you in the journey to compliance, from the strategy to the organisation mentoring, individual coaching and training, and monitoring of the resulting performance to enable you to have better visibility of the bigger picture.

If you are new to design and construction or would like to refresh the principles behind the current CDM Regulations, you can peruse our Introduction to CDM e-book or even better, give us a call. We hope you enjoy this website content.

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Need to correct legal breaches?

How you benefit from external consultancy?

Contained costs: task-based flexibility, limited to the contract duration with cost-effective and scalable solutions. No taxes, training or employment costs.

A catalyst of change: the consultant provides independent perspective and advice, but not bound by organisational politics or internal emotions.

Up-to-date and broad expertise: the consultant obtains knowledge from a diverse background and CPD. They propose creative and transferrable solutions to and organisational challenges. Consultants give a boost of strength, specialist skills and techniques with a rich of “out of the box” thinking.

Why use a registered professional?

Because you are required to comply with health and safety legislation, you want peace of mind that the person you engage for support or advice will assist you diligently in achieving compliance.

The professional institutions like IOSH, APS or IISRM do check the skills, knowledge and experience of the health and safety, CDM and risk management professionals before granting a membership status. The professional associations do require members to follow a Continual Professional Development plan to ensure their knowledge is up to date.

Once you identify the competent consultant, then it is time to tailor the service to your organisation.